Monday, July 28, 2008

Everything's Easier The Second Time...

I'm heading back on Wednesday, and I must say that my preparations are going much more smoothly this time. I have tried to keep the departure drama to a minimum. My family and friends have been pretty supportive in this -- everybody's been friendly in their goodbyes, but nobody has made a big deal out of it, which suits me. I'm planning to come home for Christmas, so they'll see me in about four months anyway.

I never visited the city where I'll be living this time, so there will be a couple of awkward weeks while I learn my way around. But I speak enough Korean to get by and I know the subway systems, how to read, etc. the social mores and all that. On one hand, that takes the fun out of it, because it's figuring that stuff out that is the most rewarding/frustrating part of being an ex-pat. On the other hand, I don't have to worry about it this time. Fine by me!

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