Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jamie Cullum!

Last night I met up with some friends for a concert, somewhat enthusiastically entitled "Jamie Cullum the First Live in Seoul." I had some fun puzzling over whether they meant "Jamie Cullum the First" (as opposed to the yet unborn Jamie Cullum the Second, maybe?) or "Jamie Cullum's First Performance in Seoul" and decided that it was the latter.

I like going to shows in Seoul because an artist has to be fairly well known to come to Korea at all, but due to the language barrier they won't have as many fans as they would in English speaking countries. This means that the concerts are usually held in smaller, more intimate venues, which turned out to be the case last night.

Darrick, Krista, Leslie, Michael, Elias, Laura, me, and Lauren

Jamie was absolutely fabulous. I've never seen a performer with so much energy! He didn't just play the piano - he played every part of the piano, on it, in it, around it, and under it, turning it into his own alternative drum. Twice he climbed on top of it and jumped off. He also set up a beatbox track that just blew my mind. He and his fantastic band did two encores and we walked out well-satisfied with the state of the world and everything in it.

We did go around the back hoping that Jamie and his band would come out and hang with us for a while, but unfortunately they were whisked away in tinted vans only a few minutes after we got there. Even so, that didn't detract from the awesomeness of our evening or our post-concert euphoria.

On the subway

The best moment of the concert happened when I was watching Jamie and his band, listening to my friends sing along, and I realized that things have been shifting for me in a positive direction lately. I feel as though I know the direction my life is heading in, and that everything is progressing as it should. The "new" friends I made when I first started working here have suddenly been around long enough to count as old friends. I am grateful for them and for everything I have. All is well.

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Bonnie Meyer said...

1. nice header and blog decor
2. next time you go to a concert give us a holla...i love small, intimate concert settings.